Frames, Materials and Readymades

Unlock endless artistic possibilities with the perfect frame for every project. Explore traditional and contemporary styles, from all major manufacturers or our readily available Framerica mouldings. Fuel your artistic vision with a timeless classic or a bold statement piece, sourced with expertise and crafted to elevate your artwork. Discover your frame’s story. Explore our collections or talk to our experts today!

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From canvas masterpieces to eye-catching banners, we bring your vision to life with vibrant, high-quality printing.  Unleash the true colors of your art with archival inks and premium materials chosen for exceptional detail and longevity.  Get crisp, professional results for your business cards and fliers with our trusted offset printing partners.  And finally, add a personal touch to any occasion with our custom printed gift wrap.

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Transform and elevate any space with a custom statement piece that reflects your style–a custom mirror. From petite powder rooms to expansive spa retreats, let your vision shine with our custom framing options and an endless array of sizes. Flat or beveled, modern or classic, create a spa-like ambiance, amplify light, or add a touch of artistic flair – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Enjoy peace of mind and stunning reflections with our optional safety backing, available on every masterpiece. Ready to craft your dream mirror? 

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Online Fulfillment 

Turn your creative passion into profit with seamless online order fulfillment from Sharpeye Framing. Imagine your customer clicks ‘buy’ – we handle the rest. From vibrant Giclée prints to custom framing and secure packaging, we ensure every order arrives flawlessly. Say goodbye to fulfillment headaches. We offer fast turnaround times and secure shipping, so you can focus on creating and selling, while we handle the rest. Make your brand shine even online! Customize packaging with your logo and message for a seamless customer experience. Ready to streamline your online sales? 

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Commercial and Contract Framing

Architects, interior designers, facility managers – elevate your projects with our unparalleled expertise in large-scale commercial framing.  Create lasting guest impressions with captivating art that sparks conversation and elevates their stay; promote patient well-being and inspire hope with calming, uplifting art installations; infuse senior living spaces with warmth and familiarity, or inject playful energy into student housing environments.  No job is too small or too large. With our seamless planning, meticulous execution, and on-time delivery — you can leave the logistics to us and focus on your design vision.  Collaborate with our passionate team to bring your design vision to life, and exceed client expectations every time. 

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