Our mission is to unlock the power of art to transform living spaces and elevate experiences with value-driven solutions for artists, educators, and businesses.   We tear down the barriers to artist expression by providing accessible resources for everyone to create, showcase, and connect with art.  Walls transformed, lives enriched. 


For decades, our commitment to operational efficiency has fueled our pursuit of transforming artistic visions into tangible experiences. We’ve meticulously honed our skills and widened our abilities, mastering a wide range of projects from single pieces with meticulous attention to detail to multi-site projects with seamless logistics from concept to realization.  We approach each project not as a challenge, but as a shared collaboration. From vision to reality.


In 2004, Sharpeye Framing emerged from humble beginnings with a bold vision to transform spaces, unleash creativity, and make art an integral part of everyday life. 2008 marked a pivotal moment—we incorporated, expanded our horizons to a larger facility, and introduced new capabilities of large-format printing and Giclée art reproduction.

Driven by a passion to empower those who shape artistic minds, we introduced printing services tailored for educators and artists in 2009. That same year, we launched our first website, forging a digital pathway to connect with art enthusiasts around the globe. By 2010, our canvas had stretched even further—we embraced the vibrant world of scrapbooking and expanded our reach across international borders, sharing our love for art with Canada!

But our journey was just beginning. In 2011, we seamlessly integrated our resources for printing, framing, and shipping with the launch of our online fulfillment services. Over the years, our footprint expanded: in 2016, we unveiled our first retail location, a sanctuary where art and community could intertwine in the Uptown Arts District in Michigan City. By 2019, our creations had traversed six continents, showcasing the universal language of art.

In 2021, we opened a new chapter, adding banners and stickers as vibrant  voices to amplify stories and spark imaginations. Today, Sharpeye Framing Company stands as a testament to unwavering passion, continuous innovation, and the unyielding belief that art holds the power to not only adorn spaces but to touch hearts and inspire souls.